Friday, June 10, 2005

new testament church

How far away from the Bible are the churches of today? So far away that basic Bible doctrines such as giving ,taking care of the poor, helping suffering brethren, and evangelism are all but lost in the church. The finances today go toward feeding a money hungry system thats greatest concern is keeping itself fed. How can we even think that God is pleased with our million dollar temples when people go hungry and live in the street in our on land? Many think the church is a place to come to learn how to get more money, houses and wordly gain. Sadly that is what is common on Christian T.V. so thats the perception of most. The Jesus of the Bible would have no part with the false religion of the day then and He will the reject the false to day as well. Woe be unto you false teachers who fleece the flock of God for gain. The day of the Lord is near and you will not escape His Judgement repent now while time is left repent now are burn.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Can we see Revival now?

Can we see revival now? True revival not a reved up emotional fix. True revival changes the land, it effects the city and the region. False revival only effects the pocketbooks of those who hold it. What will it take to really see revival?